Health and wellness, teach you 5 moves away from the hazards of sedentary

In the fast-paced living environment of our society now, many people are often busy with their own work, and a sitting is a whole day, especially for some corporate white-collar often sitting inside the office, but a do you know? This health and wellness method tells you that there are five ways to keep you away from the hazards of the drink table.

The first thing you need to do is to get up at the right time in the morning, drive to and from work, and then sit in front of the computer to finish the day’s work, and partners communicate with each other simply by email or M. Lunch will generally call for take-out, and dinner will inevitably accompany customers to exchange glasses, or spend time with partners to party even if you get home on time, but also usually drowsy after watching half of the TV program. The last action before going to sleep is to press the alarm clock for tomorrow morning.

Counting down, the time to move around in a day may not be more than half an hour. Therefore, obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other slow diseases are approaching. Sedentary is thus seen by the World Health Organization W as one of the ten deadly disease killers, according to W estimates, by the year, the world will have the disease is caused by sitting too long.

“Small actions” to keep you away from “sedentary disease”

So what can we do to change all this? Li Nu. Bian Xiao suggests that you take some small actions to effectively reduce the damage caused by sedentary, to help you lose weight. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items. In the way of treatment methods, it is recommended that companies can choose to take Chinese medicines by taking clearing dampness and heat, at the same time, it is also important to take the initiative to prevent.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

Sitting like this chest does not sag

If women neglect breast health care when working or studying, they may experience symptoms such as stuffy, swollen, tingling breasts and sore chest and back tissues. When working, you must pay more attention.

Correct posture: the upper body is basically straight, chest away from the desk 10 cm, so that the tension of the chest and back muscles balanced, which can stimulate the brain slightly but planning to excite, to lift chest fatigue, improve the efficiency of ambulatory work, to protect the physiological activity of the breast is quite beneficial.

Appropriate activities: cha as some such as chest expansion, deep breathing and shaking hands, turning wrists and other sports, can activate the meridians, promote the blood, useful to pull the breast and surrounding skin to participate in the movement, and can prevent the aging of the chest arrangements, especially the breasts.

Sitting like this, the beautiful back becomes natural

If a long time hunchback will form bone deformation, together with the occurrence of vertebral cartilage wear, long bone spurs, compression of the nerve scene. So usually we try not to sit too soft sofa, because the soft sofa will make you want to limp on the sofa. If you sit in a chair, you should only sit a third of the time to keep your back from hunching. Must be to change the habit of hunchback before the pathology occurs, not only we can beautify the back curve, but also let your self-confidence and interpersonal relations appear a significant increase in points oh!

The correct use of cushions to adjust the role of the spine can be very good support in the back of several pivot points, so that the back straighten thus reducing the generation of fat.

Sitting like this no small belly

There is no doubt that more than 80% of the abdominal fat accumulation is caused by many bad habits in daily life, sitting is the number one killer. Arching the back, chest will let the fat accumulate in the waist, overnight will present an ugly life ring. In fact, sitting will still make the stomach flat, if you do not believe it, then try it.

Sit in the outer third of the bench, the two feet naturally together, the thighs and the body’s point of view to be less than degrees, collect the small abdomen. Calves upward, so that the abdomen has a sense of tightness. Hold for two seconds, and then recover to the initial situation. Repeat 3 times.

Sitting like this thighs will not be thick

Stretching “two legs” is the main reason for the thickening of the thighs. The reason is simple, if you put the right leg on top of the left leg for a long time, the right femoral joint will be outstanding. The leg is naturally thicker. The following simple exercises can achieve the effect of preventing thick thighs, next time you take a break to do together!

Sit on a chair, straighten your legs, let your feet adhere to a certain interval with the ground, the higher your legs are raised, the better. At this moment the toes should be straight, adhere to this posture for a second. Change the toe recovery to a hooked foot posture, so that the heel and calf muscle stretch open, hold on for a second. Use the force of the ankle to rotate the feet, together with the ability to tighten the muscles of the calf belly.

The symptoms should be treated: from today, seize all the time to “stand” up.

Even in the office inside often sitting, we should pay more attention, because often sitting will certainly be very harmful to us, because often sitting may appear some fat, may affect their blood circulation slow, so we should do more exercise, or often go to see some green plants, so for our body’s help is really very big.

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