A few suggestions for ordinary people to invest in financial management

As the bottom of the financial equation, bank deposits can ensure that you can maintain the quality of your life in the event of a force majeure. So ordinary people can buy some bank financial products, the main selection of R1, R2 level financial products, because they are not high risk, it is difficult to show a loss of principal.

Finance 財經 You can also do some network finance, enough to buy some currency funds. Currency funds are also very dangerous and have a relatively stable rate of return, which may be a fraction of that of coins.

In summary, the best way for people with no prior financial experience is to start with low-risk products, understand the characteristics of the underlying financial products, and work together to develop their own correct financial concepts.

財經 With a correct concept of financial management education, and how to cultivate students’ own financial management concepts?

1: Financial management is a long-term process that requires “time and patience”, perhaps not overnight riches;

2. Finance 金融 Establish a sense of danger, capital is dangerous. Low-risk investment types, such as bank deposits, treasury bonds, etc. The high risk investment types, such as stocks and futures, may have high returns, but may also lead to huge losses;

3: Resist the temptation of excessive risky return on investment, any project management with an excessive rate of return on investment is questionable.

4: Family is not a business, property safety first, profit second; family financial management, first consider the risk, then consider the benefit, can not reasonably control the risk, benefit can not be discussed.

5: Formulate quantitative and reasonable fiscal policy and fiscal policy equipment to be targeted.

6: Capital increase is a long-term behavior, the intention is to make the quality of the day higher, do not reduce the quality of the present because of capital. The capital should be outside the normal consumption. With such “spare money”, investors will adhere to an excellent mindset.

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