The 6 stages of parenting education, take a look, you are in which stage?

Stage 1: Spending money

教育課程 Parents think that spending money to satisfy their children’s desires and demands is an expression of love for their children, and that they should unconditionally satisfy their children if they think it is good for them.

Stage 2: Spending time

親子教養 Parents focus on spending time with their children while working, and are willing to spend more time playing and growing with their children.

Stage 3: Purposeful

Parents educate their children on skills and social rules they should know, and consider and make suggestions for their children’s future so that they have a clear head and clear goals as they grow up.

Stage 4: Science Education

教育 The right side of science is educated to discover the child’s shining points, to pay more attention to the child’s problems, and to guide the child to correct them in a timely manner.

Stage 5: Promote yourself

Parents find deficiencies in the process of educating their children and correct them in a timely manner, focusing on growing up together with their children rather than educating them from the standpoint of their parents, focusing more on the power of teaching by example.

Highest Stage: Be Yourself

Encouraging children to be themselves, to work hard for their dreams and goals, and to guide them to express themselves on the right path.

They encourage their children to be brave, to work hard for their dreams and goals, and to guide their children to express themselves on the right path. They allow their children to gain tremendous strength when they improve themselves, instead of molding them with their own ways and understanding.

The educator once said, “The essence of education is to develop the individual’s personality and nature” so we should all adopt this philosophy when teaching our children, not to shape or mold them, but to give up who you are and who you are.

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